Cinisi Church - "Percorsi Diocesani" CEI contest

Project winner of the national competition         
The initiative, on a trial, refers to the design of 3 new parish complexes, one in the north, one in the center and one in the south of Italy, and includes a special assistance from the National Service for the building of worship to the three dioceses choices. The initiative, which aims at high quality levels, will provide exemplary national feasibility study, to the work of community outreach, at the invitation of the design competition, the award of the work. The Studio Kuadra had already participated in the open competition for the design of the new church of San Nicolò a Trebbia in 2011, when he had passed the first stage and was ranked 2nd in the second phase, for this was chosen by the Diocesi of Monreale to participate in this new national competition for the design of a new church, in which exceeded the first phase was awarded the win.